Got a Story about Your Experience in a Workplace from Hell?

Share it in my upcoming book!

Do you have an experience you wish you could share where you were literally in the Workplace from Hell?

Now you can!  I’m seeking professionals who have a story to share that they may have kept bottled inside, but they know is definitely worth telling.

Does this describe you?  If it does, I would love for you to consider contributing to my book, Workplace from Hell: The Costly Truth about Employee Turnover (and How to Avoid It).

The purpose for writing this book is to help organizations create a productive, positive and profitable environment by learning what not  to do, based on the cautionary tales shared in the book.

Here’s how it works:

You let me know that you would like to contribute and tell me a brief, 3-4 sentence summary of your story (use the link below for an easy way to do this online).  I will contact you within a few business days to let you know if your story is accepted.  Upon acceptance, I will need your full story within 7 days.  It needs to be “reader ready” – what this means is error free and very readable – I have some great tips for you, compliments of my fabulous editor!

Word count: 1,000 – 1,250 words
Theme: Choose one of three sections to contribute to:
  • Communication Breakdowns
  • Incompetent Leadership
  • Poor Treatment of Employees
Timeframe: Once I select your story for inclusion in the book, it will be sent to my editor for proofing – this will ensure a consistent flow of the book.
Cost: To keep my costs to a minimum, I am asking each contributor to pay $50 for their piece to be proofed by my editor.
Benefit to you: You will be a published author in a book that we will be marketing heavily!

 You can use your name on the piece or if you prefer, you can remain anonymous.  Of course, most people will want full credit for their piece.

We anticipate the book will be read by thousands of people.  Although you do retain full copyright to your story, you agree to give me full permission to use your story in the book and anywhere else I deem necessary for promotions of the book.

You also acknowledge there will be no financial compensation to you for your contribution.

When the book is published, you will receive one copy (autographed and inscribed to you, upon request!) and may order more copies at 50% off retail, plus shipping. You would order directly through me.

My goal is to get the book into the hands of as many readers as possible.  To achieve this outcome, I am working with a book marketing consultant on an online and offline book launch.  As a contributing author, you will also be supported to help spread the word, and I will provide you with guidelines and easily copied and distributed content (an email announcement to send to your friends, family and other contacts; social media posts for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn; and blog post content).  I ask that you be willing to participate in as many of these media as you have available to you.

All you need to do is let me know that you would like to join in:

YES!  I'm interested in sharing my Workplace from Hell story!

You may want to create your story summary in a Word document first, then cut and paste it into the form (that way your work is preserved in event of an internet snafu).  I will let you know if/when I accept your story, then I’ll send you the details for structuring and submitting your full story.  At that time, we will take care of the editing payment.

It’s that simple. Are you in?

With much gratitude,

Shannon Lee

Spread the word!

P.S. – There’s only room for 10 stories in each category, so be sure to respond as soon as possible!

P.P.S. – Got a story from the management point of view?  Let me know, and I’ll contact you when I start work on my next book, “Workforce from Hell”